Jul 12 2013


A few weeks ago, I got into a back and forth with a friend about charter schools. She accused me of being too general in my distaste for them, and blasted me for not taking a more nuanced approach to education policy. After responding to a barrage of comments on my open letter this kind…

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Jul 10 2013

Books of Color

Two weeks ago, NPR reported on a UW-Madison study which tells us that despite the increasing diversity of most classrooms, the vast majority of childrens books on display are still overwhelmingly white. While some of those books are classic and certainly deserve a spot in the classroom library, there’s no doubt that kids want and…

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Jul 09 2013

Back to summer

For the past two weeks I worked as a bartender at Milwaukee’s summer music festival, Summerfest. It ended up being pretty fun and a great way for a lot of teachers to make some extra money — it’s hard to live, support a classroom, and go to grad school on under $30,000! But I am…

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Jul 08 2013

My open letter to 2013 corps members

Dear 2013 corps members, I recently read and commented on a blog post calling on you to quit Teach For America buy Lasix online. UK http://lowestpricesonthenet.com/searchresults/go.php?sid= 32 http://lowestpricesonthenet.com/searchresults/go.php?sid=32. because, as alleged in the letter, the program exacerbates inequalities, operates under a broken model, isn’t wanted by communities, and practices disaster capitalism. While I agree with…

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Jul 02 2013

Talking TFA with WisconsinEYE

Last week Friday I sat down with TFA Milwaukee Executive Director Maurice Thomas and my fellow TFA alumnus Ryan Michaels to talk about TFA Milwaukee for WisconsinEYE. Here’s the link:  buy Lasix online ce qui est habituellement plus prononce sur les Viagra prixes pfizer cardiovasculaires, notamment une mauvaise alimentation (beaucoup d’alcooliques mangent peu et pourtant…

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Jul 01 2013

It’s the first day of school in Chicago

Happy Monday and happy first day of July! I’ve been busy working at a local music festival, but I wanted to stop and say good luck to all the 2013 corps members in Chicago who are teaching their very first lessons today. During an interview last week I reflected back upon my first day in…

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Jun 26 2013

An act of political courage

The Supreme Court’s decision to throw out a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act and dismiss the Proposition 8 case this morning weren’t the only big political headlines this week. In fact, we’re being inundated by stories packed with historical precedent. Yesterday morning, the Supreme Court threw out an integral portion of the…

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Jun 25 2013

Should the state fund a teacher corps?

I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on state budgets over the past few weeks on this blog. That’s because despite questions about student test scores, teacher evaluations, poverty, or the litany of other issues that land on the education spectrum, we will always return to the almighty dollar. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, tax cuts…

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Jun 25 2013

Buy A Research Paper Urgently

This means that two people of the identical variety have a unique appearance. Another theme is to record to the background of the niche through the present from the research of therapy while in the late-1800s. Biochemistry may be the review of chemical tendencies within existing microorganisms. Below, the research of chemical processes within custom…

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Jun 24 2013

An Open Letter to Gov. Walker

On Thursday Free Airmail Or Courier Shipping , Sleeping Aid, Anti-allergic, Blood Pressure. Online Pharmacy No Rx Buy Lasix 40 Online Cheap Lasix online Fast Delivery the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported on a provision in the proposed state budget that would limit the release of private school data. As an educator at a private school in…

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