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Jun 03 2013

Common Core is common sense

Big names in business and politics gathered on Mackinac Island last week for the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual Michigan Policy Conference. In addition to conversations about the state’s economic development efforts, a major focus of this year’s conference was education. Former Florida Governor Methocarbamol Robaxin 750 Mg – Can robaxin get you high, Methocarbamol robaxin…

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May 25 2013

Alumni Induction

I had the honor of speaking at our Alumni Induction last weekend. Below are the words I shared with my corps of Milwaukee teachers. Buying viagra express Discount accutanecanadadrugs online? I buying viagra express have a reliable at writing essay Lasix online Viagra super active is to be used only by the need to directly…

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Jan 06 2013

Recommendations and Surveys

At the beginning, middle, and end of each year, Teach For America sends a survey to its corps members and asks us to rate a number of areas with regard to our performance as teachers and the staff’s performance as guides to our professional development. While some of the questions change from survey to survey,…

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Sep 18 2012

Why do we need unions?

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Sep 17 2012

It’s a different kind of nervous

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I’ve been meaning to post about the beginning of year two for some time now, but, in usual form, I’m too busy to type! In the first two weeks of school I’ve been putting together my classroom, getting to know my new students, continuing my own education at Cardinal Stritch University, and following the teachers…

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Aug 01 2012

Riverwest 24

Back when my friend (and soon-to-be roommate) and I moved to Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood, we didn’t have the best impression of it. She took the high volume of shirtless men as a sign of it being a dirty place and I took the noise level of my neighbor and banjo enthusiast as a sign of…

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Jul 18 2012

Please respect my right to learn

Last night in grad class we had to come up with a phrase we wanted to hear our students say when they’re distracted by another student in the classroom. It took me a while to come up with mine, mainly because I almost always feel a little loopy by the end of class, but I…

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Jul 12 2012

In Defense of Teach For America

Last year when I was debating whether or not to accept my placement with Teach For America, I had to work through a number of issues. First and foremost, I had to decide if I would leave Michigan. I did. Second, is our organization and are charter school anti-union and anti-public schools. That’s a more…

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Jul 11 2012

We are the roses…

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Jul 11 2012


This past year I believe I was successful because I worked hard, built relationships with my students and their families, and built relationships with my colleagues. In particular, I found strength from my school’s Executive Director who now considers herself my “surrogate grandmother” and my TFA appointed Manager of Teacher Leadership Development–basically a teacher coach.…

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Jul 10 2012

Walnut Way

Tick. The instructor clicks the mouse to turn to the next slide. Tock. I’m told about another theory I’ve never heard of but probably should have known about nine months ago. Tick. I’m exhausted from nine hours at work. Tock. I could really do without another four hours of grad class. Almost every Tuesday and…

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Jul 10 2012

One Day, All Children…

What struck me most about Wendy Kopp’s first book, One Day, All Children…, is the fact that Teach For America, in my opinion one of America’s most corporate non-profits, at one time failed to have a cohesive financial plan. The book is dedicated to TFA’s first ten years and Wendy tells the story of how…

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Michigan Radio recently received nearly $1 million from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to report on issues related to children in poverty. It is called “State of Opportunity: Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?” Obviously, this project covers a population near and dear to my heart. The first story essays are unique and of high quality…

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Jul 09 2012

Why I love Spike Lee

Spike Lee sat down for an interview with Will Leitch from New York Magazine and among other things talked about schools in New York City and America. In particular I loved what he had to say about fine arts (art, music, and gym): “I had a great education. From kindergarten to John Dewey High School…

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Jun 05 2012

Why I voted in Wisconsin

If you asked me six months ago what I thought about Milwaukee, I’d tell you it was a nice city. I’d tell you it reminded me of Kalamazoo due to its size, culture, and the “Midwestern grit” I attribute to rustbelt states, but I’d add that it didn’t feel like home. I’d tell you it…

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Jun 02 2012

Year one? It’s done.

“I want you to know that you are amazing with the students and you have given me the courage to want to send my son to only the best schools because I know he can and will be great at whatever he applies himself to.” My heart melted when I logged into Facebook this morning…

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Apr 11 2012

Keeping it together over spring break

What I am finding most difficult about spring break is keeping everything together. For the first time in my life I feel like I could be doing so many different things but I don’t know which one is most important. Do I clean out my email? Do I tidy up my computer files? Do I…

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Apr 03 2012

Outside the box

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Feb 22 2012

The elephant in the room

I spent an hour writing a 1,000 word reflection on race at my school and how the “elephant in the room” has emerged over the past two days. But, due to a terrible internet connection, my work has been lost! Let me simply say that an unannounced hug from a parent can make all the…

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Feb 20 2012

What’s wrong with this picture?

Is it just me, or does everything I post tend to follow the same pattern? I have noticed that I generally start with a problem or series of problems, talk about the different solutions I have tried to remedy the aforementioned problem(s), and close with a resolution and/or hopeful message about the future. This pattern,…

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Feb 19 2012

How many days of school?

Despite the fact that life has been rather dull these days, I did have a rather eventful past week at school! Also, for the first time, I think I’m writing about good days rather than bad days! In case you weren’t keeping track on your own calendar, Tuesday was February 14. It is also known…

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Feb 12 2012

It isn’t so new and exciting anymore

Generic Online Pharmacy Stock. Buy medications related to Where To Viagra essays helpers generico spagna, consigli assunzione cialis! Buy Lamisil In Dubai. Affordable price and worldwide delivery guaranteed. That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying myself, but the new-ness of being a teacher and living in Milwaukee has worn off. I was telling our…

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Dec 27 2011

Connections and Reflections

I always like to make connections. I’m not talking about professional networking connections. I’m talking about the more reminiscent connections. The kind of connections where you walk into a scene and you feel all warm and fuzzy because it reminds you of that time when [insert fond memory here]. Right now I am sitting in…

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Nov 25 2011

What do you know about salmon?

What do you know about salmon? Well, they’re found along the coasts, breed in fresh water, spawn eggs, migrate to the ocean, and fight upstream to start the process all over again. At least, that’s what I know about salmon. What you know and what you see are two vastly different worlds. I can read…

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