About Milwaukee’s Gap

Nobody can put it better than TFA Chief Communications Officer Garrett Bucks:

Most Americans don’t associate Wisconsin with poor education, but the achievement gap between students of color – who are concentrated in Milwaukee – and white students here is as wide as anywhere in the country. As a result, our local colleges have the lowest retention rates for students of color, and we have the highest unemployment rate among African American males in the nation – more than twice as high as U.S. unemployment during the worst of the Great Depression.

In their first year, our 2010 charter corps members have already made a tremendous impact on their students’ academic what are the possible side effects of Cialis quick essay writing help ? http://englishhomeworkhelp.co.uk/assignment-writing-service/ achievement and school cultures, and have helped raise expectations for our students. There is of course much more work to be done, but the potential for each individual to make an impact is immense.

At the same time, anyone who joins us will never doubt the need to come here, or the joy of living here. Those of us working in Milwaukee have formed a close community and feel like we’re in on a secret. We’re so lucky to take on this exciting challenge in a community that celebrates anyone who is willing to pick up a shovel and fight for our kids. Joining our corps means helping to build something from the ground up.

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