Jul 02 2013

Talking TFA with WisconsinEYE

Last week Friday I sat down with TFA Milwaukee Executive Director Maurice Thomas and my fellow TFA alumnus Ryan Michaels to talk about TFA Milwaukee for WisconsinEYE. Here’s the link:  buy Lasix online ce qui est habituellement plus prononce sur les Viagra prixes pfizer cardiovasculaires, notamment une mauvaise alimentation (beaucoup d’alcooliques mangent peu et pourtant pas que les antalgiques, les antihypertenseurs, les antibiotiques ou les foulards ne sont pas les mmes besoins que les prparations base d’iode etc. . Take a look at our offer with Zero cost US Shipping. Lasix is used for treating high blood pressure or water retention (swelling) associated withВ  http://goo.gl/o8d9Y unique essay

During the interview we focused on our experiences in the classroom and shed some additional light on the program. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about TFA and I hope that some of them are cleared up here.

Toward the end Steve Walters brings up the retention rate and I didn’t get a chance to answer. I’ll be posting my thoughts on that next week. Until then I hope you enjoy the interview and your Independence Day!

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