Jun 24 2013

An Open Letter to Gov. Walker

On Thursday Free Airmail Or Courier Shipping , Sleeping Aid, Anti-allergic, Blood Pressure. Online Pharmacy No Rx Buy Lasix 40 Online Cheap Lasix online Fast Delivery the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported on a provision in the proposed state budget that would limit the release of private school data. As an educator at a private school in Milwaukee, I was outraged by this provision and drafted the following letter to Governor Walker encouraging him to veto the provision.

Dear Governor Walker:

My name is Alexander Morgan. I am a K5 teacher at a private school in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood. I’m writing you today about some of the proposed changes to Wisconsin’s voucher program, which funds my school.

While there are many differences between my school and the neighborhood school down the street, we both see the value in student performance data. It’s what drives our instruction so that we know how our students are performing within their classroom, within their grade level, and within our state. It’s that student performance data that will objectively tell me, my administrator, and my students’ parents whether or not we’re delivering on our promise of providing an excellent education for our students.

Thus, I do not understand why the Legislature believes the Department of Public Instruction should be required to embargo private school data. The neighborhood school three blocks away has to release their data to our community, and I want to be held to the same standard. I want to be judged by my performance as an educator.

This double standard lowers the bar for private schools at a time when we need to be raising expectations for all students, schools and communities. It is for that reason that I urge you to veto this provision from the budget.


Alexander Morgan

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If you live or work in Wisconsin and feel the same way, then I urge you to Viagra samples free pfizer and Viagra pill splitter contact the Governor before he signs the budget into law.

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