Jun 09 2013

What’s next?

If I had the pleasure of seeing you any time between Christmas and my birthday, then I know I told you about my strong desire to leave the City of Milwaukee and return home to Michigan. I was ready for anything to take me away from this place and take me back home. In fact, at any point in time I could tell you the number of days left on my commitment.

Yet on my birthday I had the opportunity to reflect upon my experience at my school and in Milwaukee. I love my 23 students who have been through my classroom. I really love my colleagues. I love my school. I love the city. Of course, there have been plenty of frustrations. I have had a hard time dealing with the learning curve of the people who oversee me. It hurts to watch the news and think that I could be making a difference in Detroit, too. Needless to say I found myself at a crossroad.

In May I had the opportunity to think some more. It was nice to finish my graduate classes. I found myself leaving school at a reasonable hour every evening. I thought about the future. Finally, I decided to stay one more year.

When I first told people about my decision they were shocked. I was so adamant about my departure that anything short of it had to be unreal. Yet, when I finally sat back and thought about my long-term future and goals, I realized that I needed some time to get myself together. Every year for the past six years I have been moving to and from school or to and from another apartment. Every year for the past six years I have burdened my body with stress over managing the imbalance between my professional work and my school work. The thought of moving to a new city, attempting to establish myself as the professional I seek to be, and completing my thesis for graduate school was too much.

I want to earn my Masters, I want to complete my certification paperwork, I want to establish myself as a educator, and eventually I want to move home. Rather than putting half my heart into these efforts all at the same time, I want to take my time to do each of these things well and set myself up for long-term success as an educator and an advocate. While I agonized for five months over whether or not I should take the leap to come home, I decided and felt good about this path in less than 48 hours. My gut tells me it was the right call. Here’s to my stress-free summer! Furosemide pill without prescription, Furosemide buy over the counter, buy Viagra extra dosage 200mg, Viagra extra dosage 150mg, best on-line essay writing services Viagra jelly 100mg, brand Viagra 50mg, female Viagra 100mg, Viagra soft 50mg, Viagra soft 100mg, Viagra sublingual 100mg, Viagra 100mg, Viagra plus 400mg, Viagra 25mg, Viagra super active 100mg, brand Viagra 100mg, Viagra 50mg, Viagra professional 50mg, Viagra extra dosage 130mg, Viagra professional 100mg Lasix online fast shipping, Lasix direct rx canada, online Lasix, Lasix from mexico,В 

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  1. c morgan

    I think you did the right thing Alex. I hope you get the email I sent you re: Derek. ‘University Professor’ is some kind of special designation in Canada. This is not the same as tenure since he already had that. This required at least 11 nominations from his collegues (sp??) & at least 200-300 published papers. Derek was also the first non-American allowed into Oak Ridge. He has a lot of firsts. His email came right before yours. So I thought it was very fitting – 2of my favorite people & both in the same profession.
    We all need time to think & just plain relax. You are not married & have no children or dependents, now is your time!!!! Enjoy
    Love Always,

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